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About Reading Has Ruined My Life

Reading Has Ruined My Life is the brainchild of Hannah Zunic. The true start of Reading Has Ruined My Life (or RHRML for short) was back in 2015 during a journalism class in high school where Zunic wanted to start a blog on the school's news site. Since then, the idea has been forgotten and laid dormant; until now. Nearly five years later at the start of 2020, RHRML has risen to begin a new life.

With a focus on YA and horror novels, Reading Has Ruined My Life offers reviews of books both old and new; along with listicles, funny anecdotes, self-depreciating humor, and the trials and tribulations of falling in love with a new book nearly every week.


About The Author

Hannah Zunic (she/her) is an alum of Seton Hill University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature with a minor in Communication. She has a love of, and spends too much money on, books, coffee, theatre, and lipsticks. In her spare time, she can be found drinking said coffee and reading a horror novel.

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